Garbage bins

Garbage Bins In Qatar

Qatar MCC takes pride in fabricating and supplying a wide range of plastic waste bins ranging from 12Ltr to 1100Ltr. They are fashioned by experienced specialists that use advanced technology and modern fabrication techniques to ensure durability and ergonomics.

We supply our municipality-approved trash bins throughout Qatar. Not only that, our dust bins are recycled and refurbished as well, which extends their life and lowers the cost. The sizes we provide are 12Ltr, 30Ltr, 50Ltr, 60Ltr, 80Ltr, 120Ltr, 240Ltr, 360Ltr, 660Ltr and 1100Ltr Garbage bins, most popular ones are 120Ltr, 240Ltr and 1100Ltr trash bins.

Construction Waste & General Waste Skips Supplier In Qatar

MCC holds the expertise to fabricate and supply a full range of waste skips as well, spanning from open and closed to easy discharge and skip lift compaction containers. These Skips / Dust bins are used in various settings including commercial, residential and construction sites.

Our waste skips come in sizes of 5cmb, 7 cbm, 8cmb, 11 cbm, 20 cbm and 30 cbm. The process of fabrication is as follows:

The fabrication process of the waste skips:

The frame is strengthened with reinforced plates and gussets that protect stress points and vulnerable areas. The base, tip ends and sides are manufactured from hot rolled prime steel plate and reinforced with a double rail using 76mm x 38mm rolled steel channel.

While the lifting pins are made through drop forging. They are then passed through the reinforcing channel and the side wall of the container before being strengthened by the use of a backing washer. Finally, they are welded inside out.


The waste skips industry is growing, driven by increased awareness of the need for a clean, sustainable and healthy environment and MCC caters to this by providing high-quality containers that manage garbage collection and disposal. We also offer customized sizes of waste skip containers pertaining to the specific needs of our customers such as color, material, capacity and branding.

We stay ahead of the competition through our extensive research & development, exceptional customer services and constant provision of fitting waste management solutions to our customers.

All bins of varying sizes made from non-metal materials are also available to meet customer requirements. All containers comply with international standards like European Standard EN 840-1. Samples of the Galvanised Garbage bins and Plastic Dust bins are shown below: