80 ltr yellow plastic kitchen trash bin

80 LTR Yellow Large Plastic Trash Bin

Make a Statement for Cleanliness with this Large Plastic Bin

Revolutionize your approach to waste management, particularly in high-waste production commercial settings, by embracing Qatar MCC’s 80-litre yellow plastic trash bin. This specially designed solution sets new standards for efficient and hands-free waste sorting.

This large plastic trash bin is more than robust; it’s built to withstand the most demanding usage scenarios thanks to its exceptional durability and robust construction, developed from top-tier plastic materials.

What sets this trash bin apart is the ingenious pedal-operated lid, a user-friendly feature that makes waste disposal as easy as it can be. With it, you can discard dirt, dust, or any form of waste without direct contact, ensuring that your workspace remains clean and hygienic. 

But it doesn’t stop there; this lid is a master at containing and neutralizing unpleasant odours, ensuring your surroundings consistently exude freshness and maintain the highest standards of sanitation.

It dramatically reduces the need for frequent trash removal, providing added convenience and efficiency to the daily operations of your business. Qatar MCC’s 80-litre large yellow plastic trash bin is a promise of efficient waste management, a gateway to a cleaner, more organized, and highly productive working environment where health, convenience, and performance harmoniously coexist.

  • Material: Plastic 
  • Sizes: 80 litre
  • Features: Hands-free operation
  • Colour: Yellow

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