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Recycling bins

240 ltr Garbage Bin with 2 Wheels And Pedal – Blue

Enquire Now !240 ltr Garbage Bin – Blue recycling bin Do you know whats missing from your home property or business place? A blue garbage bin used to encourage recycling in Qatar. The recycling bin makes life easier and cleaner for you! You can segregate your waste by placing recyclable items in the 240 ltr...

Duo | 2 in 1 | Recycling Bins Supplier In Qatar

The duo is designed to separate paper and mixed recyclables. This bin is great for those who want to separate paper from other recyclables.

Trio | 3 in 1 | Recycling Bins Supplier In Qatar

The trio 3 in 1 recycling bin is designed to separate paper, plastic, and glass. This bin is perfect for those who want to recycle the most commonly used materials without taking up too much space.

Quattro | 4 in 1 | Recycling Bins Supplier In Qatar

The Quattro is designed to separate different types of recyclable materials. It typically has four separate compartments for paper, plastic, glass, and metal,

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