120 ltr blue plastic garbage bin

120 LTR Blue Wheeled Plastic Waste Bin

Discover the Zen of Cleanliness with Our Plastic Bins 

Go for the stylish 120 ltr blue plastic garbage bin from Qatar MCC and revamp your trash collection strategy. It is mobile in nature with two wheels and an easily detachable hand grip, which makes it very simple to move this trash can away for clearing.

The 120-litre blue plastic garbage bin, which is durable, signifies that it can withstand wear and tear over time. Blue in color, it is the ultimate chic add-on to the most mundane functions.

However, what distinguishes it is the ability to maneuver its rubber-tired wheels, which makes for smooth handling. This bin makes it easier for you to move either indoors or outdoors.

The extra hand grip enables a firm grasp that makes holding onto the light bulb easy enough to be moved or placed wherever necessary. There is an air-tight lid that takes care of unpleasant odours and pests.

  • Material: Plastic 
  • Sizes: 120 litre
  • Features: Hand grip and easy mobility 
  • Colour: Blue

Take advantage of a more efficient and eco-friendly waste management solution for your area. Order your plastic bin with wheels today or connect with Qatar MCC by completing the form below.