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Garbage Trucks For Rent In Qatar

Your businesses can’t afford to keep garbage sitting outside their properties and sites. It’s an eyesore, creates a disruptive smell and is bad for your reputation. The solution – Garbage truck rental. MCC is a recognized and trust-worthy waste management company that provides garbage trucks, compactors, skip loaders and hook lift loaders rental services to businesses.

We deal with customers country-wide from Alkhor to Doha and Wakrah to Pearl Qatar with the utmost professionalism and speedy services, guaranteeing you complete peace of mind.

Garbage Compactors For Rent

MCC provides these waste management trucks in the capacities of 8 cbm, 16 cbm, 22 cbm and 24 cbm. Compactors compress the waste which allows for a greater waste-holding capacity for businesses while reducing waste hauling charges as well.

Here are some more benefits:

1. Cost-saving: Opting to rent a compactor truck is more financially advantageous compared to purchasing one. Particularly for companies who need it for a short period of time or have limited budgets to make an outright purchase.

2. Enhanced Flexibility: Renting a compactor truck empowers businesses to swiftly adapt to evolving waste collection requirements. When they face an increase in service demands, they can quickly rent additional trucks to efficiently streamline the workload.

3. Elimination of Maintenance Costs: With short-term rental agreements, the responsibility of maintaining and repairing the compactors typically falls upon us. This arrangement eliminates that fixed cost and also saves time for your commercial businesses.

4. Access to Cutting-Edge Technology: Opting to rent compactors grants your businesses access to the latest technology and equipment within the waste management industry, without the need for substantial upfront investments.

5. Reduced Environmental Footprint: Renting a compactor truck can contribute to your company’s efforts in minimizing its environmental impact. It’s because we takes all the responsibility of ensuring that the truck adheres to emissions standards and controlled carbon footprint.

Rental Of Skip Loader Trucks

Skip loaders (also referred to as roll-off trucks) are garbage trucks that collect and transport waste including municipal waste, construction waste and industrial waste. They are equipped with a hydraulic arm that lifts a skip (or roll-off container) and empties it into the transportation garbage truck.

Skip loader rental can be beneficial for the waste management needs of the following businesses and residential sites:

1. Construction sites: They can remove large amounts of waste and debris from construction sites.

2. Households: Skip loaders provide households with a convenient solution for disposing of bulky items like furniture, cardboards and appliances, etc.

3. Industrial sites: Skip loaders can manage industrial waste by collecting solid waste like scrap metal, concrete, gravel, stone and scrap lumber, etc.

4. Emergency waste removal: In situations involving natural disasters or other emergencies, they can play a crucial role in swiftly removing waste and debris, aiding in the restoration process.

We have single skip and double skip loaders to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Rental Of Hook Loader Trucks

Our fleet of waste management garbage trucks also includes hook loader trucks. They utilize a hydraulic arm to pull waste bins over the chassis of the truck. They are ready to work and available on demand.
Below are some photos of our available garbage trucks for rent

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