Beach Cleaner & Sweeper Rental Service

Beach Clean Up Services In Qatar

Modern Cleaning & Trading Company (MCC) has total expertise and equipment to provide exemplary beach clean up services. This is executed through the provision of beach cleaning machines called beach sweepers.
These machines remove beach pollution such as dead fish, plastic bottles, cans, shells, stones, glass, wood, tarballs, oil and other unwanted debris, thus making the beach an agreeable place to visit.

Beach Sweepers Rental

Whether you want to clean up the beach area before or after an upcoming celebration or a sports event, we provide environmental-friendly and technically-advanced beach sweeping machines with specialized operators on rent to get the job done.

The machines we own have low sand compaction and intensive sifting action, owing to which the beach clean up is executed perfectly while aerating the sand as well. Equipped with features such as brushes, screens and conveyor systems, they promptly remove the trash. Some of our beach sand cleaners have large mesh grids that are specifically suitable for large beaches.

How Do You Select Your Ideal Beach Cleaner?

The choice of your beach sweeper will depend on the following factors:
1. Size of the beach: Small beaches would require small beach cleaners while large ones will have to rely on oversized models. MCC has both.

2. Type of sand: Some beaches have fine sand while others have coarse sand. There is a dedicated beach sweeper for both. Communicate with our customer service to discuss your details.

3. Level of pollution: The more heavily littered the beach is, the more powerful beach sand cleaner will be required. Although all our beach cleaners are accessorized with the latest technology but they have different rental rates. Choose the one that satisfies your needs most effectively.

Beach cleaning machines are a cost-effective and time-saving waste management method for making beaches litter-free and event-ready.
If you choose to hire manual cleaners, they would need to be hired in large amounts and would take a lot of time to complete the task at hand. So be smart and avail our beach clean up services now.
You can sign up yearly or event-based contracts with us, depending on your needs.