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Plastic garbage bins

240 ltr Garbage Bin with 2 Wheels And Pedal – Blue

Enquire Now !240 ltr Garbage Bin – Blue recycling bin Do you know whats missing from your home property or business place? A blue garbage bin used to encourage recycling in Qatar. The recycling bin makes life easier and cleaner for you! You can segregate your waste by placing recyclable items in the 240 ltr...

12 Litre Plastic Garbage Bin – Black

Buy our 12 litre garbage bin in Qatar for a cleaner space and healthier environment.

50 Litre Plastic Bin With Two Wheels And Pedal – Black and Yellow

What’s more comfortable than using a plastic garbage bin with step to collect waste? It’s a 50 litre bin in Qatar that fits various types of trash from food leftovers to plastic bags and glass.

Plastic Dust Bin 30 Litre With Pedal – Grey

To allow you an easy access to waste management qatar in your personal space, we offer this plastic garbage bin with pedal which easily opens once you push the step.

Plastic Dust Bin 60 Litre With Pedal – Yellow Lid Bin

Looking for a big garbage bin that isn’t too big? We have the best garbage bin with pedal and wheels for you in Qatar! Order this 60 litre garbage bin

70 Litre Dust Bin With 2 Wheels And Pedal – Green

Whether you wish to use this green garbage bin in Qatar indoors or outdoors, we got you covered! This 70 litre bins suit restaurants, shared spaces, institutions, cleaning supplies and residential areas like compounds.

120 Litre Garbage Bin with 2 Wheels And Pedal

Avoid the spillage of waste in your garden, restaurant, or office by using this 120 litre green garbage bin that makes waste management in Qatar controllable.

Plastic trash Bin 80 Litre With Pedal – Yellow Lid Or Full Green

Our 80 litre trash bin helps you with indoor and outdoor waste management in Qatar which makes it a great option for offices, gardens, yards and large establishments.

240 Litre Garbage Bin with 2 Wheels And Pedal

Do you know what’s missing in your outdoor space? A garbage bin 240 ltr to make life easier and cleaner for you.

360 Litre Garbage Bin with 2 Wheels And Pedal

Green, big and the corporates’ favorite garbage bin! It’s our commercial garbage bin in qatar which has a 360 litre bin capacity for various types of waste.

Waste Bin 660 LTR Garbage Bin – Medical Waste – Yellow

Hospitals and medical centers in Qatar need to manage their medical waste professionally to ensure the highest levels of care and cleanness.

660 Litre Garbage Bin – Green

Neighborhoods and commercial settings benefit hugely from this green garbage bin with 4 wheels thanks to its easy mobility and huge capacity.

1100 Litre Garbage Bin Flat Lid with 4 Wheels – Green

Our 1100 litre flat lid bin is best known for its ergonomic advantage to enable easy movement and handling.


1100 liter blue bin is a type of large waste container that is primarily used for commercial or industrial waste collection.

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