50 ltr yellow plastic kitchen trash bin

50 LTR Yellow Plastic Trash Bin with Pedal and Lid

A Neat Space Speaks Volume 

When it comes to elevating the standards of cleanliness and hygiene at any place, look no further than our innovative Plastic Trash Bin, complete with a Pedal Lid in vibrant Yellow colour. Crafted from the highest-grade materials, this heavy-duty trash bin surpasses ordinary strength; it’s built to last, guaranteeing enduring performance that stands the test of time.

With its expansive 50-litre capacity, it significantly reduces the need for frequent trash removal, making your daily waste removal chores more manageable and less tedious

The best thing about this is the user-friendly pedal-operated lid, a feat of engineering that allows you to dispose of a wide range of waste items without direct contact, ensuring an environment that’s nothing short of pristine and hygienic. 

Notably, it’s not just a lid; it’s your ultimate defence against unwanted odours, preserving surroundings that are consistently fresh and hygienic, irrespective of the contents inside.

Qatar MCC’s 50-litre yellow plastic kitchen trash bin is a statement of excellence in efficient waste management, destined to elevate the standards of your space, where cleanliness, convenience, and top-notch performance converge harmoniously.

  • Material: Plastic 
  • Sizes: 50 liter
  • Features: Large capacity and a pedal lid
  • Colour: Yellow

Be a leader in cleaner living and secure your heavy-duty waste bin today. Complete the form for Qatar MCC’s dedicated service to address your needs and inquiries.