240 ltr green plastic garbage bin

240 LTR Green Plastic Trash Bin

The Ultimate Plastic Bin Experience Awaits You!

Meet the Qatar MCC 240 Ltr Green Plastic Garbage Bin, your all-in-one solution for efficient outdoor and indoor waste management. The enormous capacity of 240 litres will be the perfect option for municipal waste management in public places such as your neighbourhood, office buildings, shopping malls, etc. 

Dressed in a vibrant green hue, it adds a touch of eco-friendliness to your municipal waste management routine. Plus, the secure lid keeps unwelcome odours and pests at bay, ensuring a fresh and clean environment.

Cleaning is a breeze, and this versatile bin serves both domestic and commercial waste disposal needs. From your home to your store or office, this green powerhouse takes the hassle out of waste management. Trust Qatar MCC for a cleaner, greener future!

  • Material: Plastic 
  • Sizes: 240 litre
  • Features: Tightly sealed lid
  • Colour: Green

Take the first step toward effective waste management in your vicinity. Order your green 240-litre plastic bin now and contact Qatar MCC with any inquiries by filling out the form below.