120 LTR Brown Plastic Trash Bin

120 LTR Brown Plastic Waste Bin with Wheels and Lid

Simplify Cleanup and Upgrade Your Lifestyle with Our Plastic Bin

Take your waste management experience to new heights with Qatar MCC’s 120-litre brown plastic trash bin. This versatile and exceptional solution goes beyond the ordinary and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

This bin is a reliability upgrade that enhances your waste disposal process. Manufactured from premium-grade plastic, this trash bin becomes your trusted partner in the relentless quest for cleanliness. Its exceptional strength and durability set it apart, as it bravely withstands the harshest of elements – from frost to chemicals and the relentless sun’s UV rays. It’s a one-time investment for years to come.

But it doesn’t stop there. With the innovative lid design, it has taken convenience up a notch. It efficiently seals away odours, ensuring a consistently hygienic environment. This hinged lid acts as a strong odour barrier, preserving the freshness of your surroundings, regardless of what’s inside.

With a substantial 120-litre capacity, this brown beauty isn’t just for show. It caters to domestic and commercial waste disposal needs, offering ample space for more waste management. Including two large wheels guarantees effortless mobility, while the smooth internal surface simplifies cleaning and emptying, making maintenance a breeze.

  • Material: Plastic 
  • Sizes: 120 litre
  • Features: 2 wheels with a lid
  • Colour: Brown

Cleaner surroundings begin with you – Order your brown 120-litre plastic bin. Inquiries are welcome! Fill in the form, and Qatar MCC will assist you from answering your questions to getting your bin delivered to your place.