Ways To Maintain Sustainability and have an eco Friendly Workplace:

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An eco friendly workplace should incorporate fun activities to enhance employees’ efforts towards environmental sustainability, foster a positive work environment, and promote the overall well-being of the organization and its workforce. This includes making recycling easy simply by adding recycling bins in the office to encourage employees to segregate their waste. You can order your recycling bins through our website. An eco friendly workplace also includes having a paperless office, “Go green challenge” for employees. Workers have the opportunity to compete against colleagues and receive incentives for demonstrating responsible environmental behaviour.

According to an article published in The Guardian in 2017, just about 100 companies are responsible for about 71% of global emissions Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says | Guardian sustainable business | The Guardian

Imagine how much of the environment can be saved if these 100 companies create a more eco friendly workspace? It is time for all companies to think right and create a more sustainable working environment. The time has come and the time is now for sustainability to take place.

Sustainability and an eco friendly workplace

The term eco friendly workplace refers to adopting processes and methods that are not detrimental to the environment. With regards to workspaces and offices, it means adopting manufacturing and administrative processes that do no harm to the environment, whether it’s during the manufacture of products or in the daily administration of your business.

Let’s take a look at how your office can adopt novel methods to maintain sustainability and an eco-friendly workspace. 

Sustainability when installing Motion Sensitive Lighting

Lights in the office are a big waste of energy. Lights and fans being left on, is one of the most common problems in a big office. To overcome this problem, consider opening the office blinds, allowing natural light inside the office throughout most part of the day. Also, installing motion-sensitive lighting in rooms and cubicles is a go to solution to create an eco-friendlier office environment. 

Use re-washable or compostable plates and cups. 

Every office has celebration times where a huge amount of waste is generated through paper cups and plates. Switch to washable or compostable plates for all office parties and social gatherings. 

Go Digital

Today, rapid progress in technology has allowed us to go paperless. If your work can be done online, then stick to the plan. Avoid using paper for unnecessary printouts and filing. Nowadays there several office apps that can organize your online files and document your paperwork. 

The latest in paperless are digital business cards. These digital business cards are replacing the traditional paper visiting cards. Try adopting this in your office, for a start. 

Monitor Your Office Air Conditioner

It’s a common sight in offices, to see employees in sweaters and jackets even on a hot summer’s day. The reason- the air conditioners. Monitor the temperature of your air conditioners in the office. Ensure the air conditioner temperatures are optimal and not very high. This way you will be able to conserve energy and save the environment

Encourage Carpooling

Maintaining an eco-friendly environment in the office does not begin and end within the four walls of your office. Look at the bigger picture. Try encouraging your employees to use public transport to reach the office. You can also suggest car pools or Office transport to ferry employees to and from office. Arranging bicycles within the office campus is a great way to reduce the release of harmful gasses in the atmosphere and encourage physical fitness amongst employees. 

Repair Damaged Items

Wear and tear of the office equipment is normal. However, quickly tending to these problems is important. Fixing leaking taps can save more than 3000 gallons of water in a year.

Create Garden Spaces In The Office

Indoor plants and balcony gardens in the office can be a great way to maintain an eco-friendly environment. Not only does it make the place look brighter and prettier but also creates a sustainable workspace

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