How To Reduce Waste In Offices

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Every office and commercial space generates heaps of waste every day. This generated waste can lead to mammoth expenses and have an adverse impact on the environment. Reduction of waste and waste management at the source is the need of the hour. 

Here, we have tried to enumerate several ways through which offices and commercial buildings can reduce waste.

Educate the Workforce

Educating the employees and workforce on the hazards of waste and the adverse impact of waste on the environment is the first step towards building a sustainable waste management system in the office. 

Hosting seminars and pasting posters in the office is a great way to make employees and staff aware of waste management. 

5Rs in the office.

Educating employees about the 5Rs of waste management is a more environmentally friendly approach to minimizing waste in the office.


This means just use less of everything. Do not waste resources. If you can do without it, then just do without it. 


Repeat the use of items. You need not use an item for the same purpose it was originally brought into the office. For example, an empty carton box can be used to store your desk papers instead of throwing the box away. You can innovate with several office waste to come up with different ideas for its use. 


Contact an experienced waste management and cleaning company like Modern Cleaning and Trading Company to manage the waste generated from your office. Segregating waste and following the right method for garbage disposal can reduce the generation of waste in offices. 


If you have items in the office that are old and broken and are not much in use, it’s time you put them to good use. A broken chair lying in the corner office can be nailed and fixed and made to serve its purpose.


Last but not least, respect the environment. Respect nature and nature will respect you.

Eliminate the Source.

Many times, employees use items in the office just because they are available. So, it is a good idea to work with your office suppliers to reduce what comes into your office in the first place. You can also request for minimum packaging for the items delivered. This way you can manage waste and limit the garbage disposal.

Go paperless-Go digital

According to a survey of a few institutions in Oman, conducted by (PDF) The economics of paper consumption in offices (, institutions have used 13 tons of paper in one year. The economic cost of the paper was 7,800 OMR. The environmental impact estimated are: cutting of 312 trees, 73,970 Ibs of CO 2 gas emission, 144,742 KWh of energy consumption, solid waste produced 29,614 lbs and 247975 gallons of water were wasted. 

The best solution to overcome this colossal waste of resources is to go digital and avoid the use of paper. Advancements in technology have made it possible to continue business online.

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