Waste Segregation & Recycling Bins Supplier

Waste Segregation Services In Qatar

As a leading waste management company in Qatar, we fabricate and supply high-quality waste segregation bins and recycle bins to residential, commercial and government sites. This way, the recycling process of the waste is improved and minimum harm to the environment is done.

We have 2 in 1 (duo), 3 in 1 (trio) and 4 in 1 (quattro) waste segregation bins that separate the disposal of glass, metal, paper and plastic. Each compartment of these bins is either 40Ltr or 60 Ltr (So a 2 in 1 bin will have a capacity of either 80Ltr or 120Ltr). Get a quote depending on your bins requirement now.

How Waste Collectors Should Use The Waste Collection Bins

The four types of waste to be collected in the recycle bins are:

  • Paper (including card and cardboard)
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Glass

Commercial, industrial and household owners should separate this waste to ensure that the quantity of material available for recycling can be increased. And the quality of the recycled material is improved by reducing contamination.

What Happens To The Segregated Waste Once It Is Recycled?

Once the waste is disposed of in our waste segregation bins, they are taken to our recycling site in Qatar.

Recyclable paper:

  • Newspaper may be turned into fresh newspapers, phone directories, egg cartons, construction paper, berry boxes, kitty litter, sheetrock, paper plates, and building insulation.
  • Magazines can be recycled to newspapers, phone directories, and paperboard.
  • Paperboard and mixed paper can be used to make fresh paperboard, paper towel rolls, and roofing shingles.
  • Office paper is recycled to make fresh computer and notebook paper as well as toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and face tissue.

Recyclable plastic:

  • #1 plastic beverage bottles can become carpet, backpacks, polar fleece, and sleeping bags and ski jacket insulation.
  • #2 plastic milk, juice, and detergent bottles can become plastic lumber, such as decking, docks, as well as play sets, new bottles, buckets, containers, frisbees, and stadium seats.

Recyclable cardboard:

Paper bags, new cardboard, paperboard, and cardboard medium may all be made from corrugated cardboard.

Recyclable steel cans:

Steel cans can be recycled into new cans, bicycle components, automobile parts, steel beams, rebar, and appliances.

Recyclable glass:

Glass bottles and jars can become new bottles, new jars, and fiberglass.

Different waste disposal bin sizes are shown below.