Garbage Removal for Commercial Property in Qatar

Are you looking for garbage removal in Qatar? MCC describes these wastes as waste other than Household and Domestic Waste which cannot be compacted due to its solid-state, like metals, building materials, excavation wastes, and building demolition wastes.

MCC is actively engaged in providing services to business, commercial and industrial premises in Doha, Qatar. Also, our services are expanding to areas outside Doha, as in Al-Khor. For further information, you are cordially invited to visit our offices or browse our webpage (

Where there is restricted access the small size 7m3 and 11m3 containers are used and are emptied by using a skip vehicle; a single skip loader and a double skip loader, and a hook lift, which transports the container to the waste disposal area and then returns it to site.

Qatar MCC offers vehicle rentals (Supply and Rental Garbage Skip Loader, Compactor, and Hoof Lift in Qatar) on a daily, monthly, or contract basis depending on our customer’s needs with an affordable and negotiable price. Sample photos of the trucks used for waste collections and road sweeping/cleaning are the following:

Commercial Food Waste Collection And Garbage Removal Service

By segregating your food waste, we can help you reduce the environmental impact of your business and meet your sustainability targets in Qatar. It’s better for the environment, simple to do, and doesn’t cost the earth.

First, we’ll perform a commercial waste audit to assess your needs and the space you have available at your premises. That way we can implement the best waste management and disposal solution in Qatar for you and determine how frequently you’ll need your food waste collected, ensuring you have the right containers and whether you require a mobile compaction service.

Commercial General Waste Collection

Despite best efforts, businesses generate waste, but waste removal doesn’t have to be a chore. With our extensive portfolio of cost-effective services, we can work with you to deliver an efficient business waste management service that’s tailored to your exact needs.

We’ll ensure you have the right type and size waste containers and bins to match your waste volumes and the space you have available. We also have a nationwide infrastructure of collection, recycling, and treatment facilities. So you have the ultimate peace of mind that you’re being environmentally responsible at the same time offering competitive prices.

Cost savings

Looking to reduce overheads for commercial waste disposal management? Paying too much for your current commercial property waste collection service? Put us to the test and see how we can deliver an outstanding commercial garbage collection service, at a lower cost in Qatar.

Switch Guarantee

We take the hassle out of switching waste providers. Our Qatar local customer service department will manage the process on your behalf to ensure a seamless transition to Qatar MCC.

Local Service

We have over 3,000+ customers Nationwide, with facilities located where your business operates.


We have one of the largest fleets of vehicles in Qatar. This allows us to run a reliable commercial waste collection and garbage removal service to meet your specific requirements, regardless of your size.

We also have a range of government-approved waste bins to cover all waste streams typically generated by businesses, including:

  • Paper or card
  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Food Waste
  • General or residual waste collection
  • Single-use coffee cups

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