12 ltr silver stainless steel kitchen waste bin

Stainless Steel Waste Bin W/Lid & Pedal (12 Ltr, Silver)

A Pedal Away from a Cleaner Lifestyle

It’s a piece of cake to find a stylish small bin. But it’s a HASSLE to get a large trash can other than ugly-looking outdoor bins. Qatar MCC doesn’t want that for its customers, so we combined style and space to create this 12 Ltr stainless steel bin. Crafted from prime stainless steel, our elegant steel bin stands as a testament to its robustness and resilience. It repels corrosion and stains, guaranteeing an extended lifespan, making it the perfect companion for both waste disposal and recycling endeavors.

A gentle tap on the pedal effortlessly raises the lid, fostering a hygienic and immaculate indoor space. This ingenious design not only elevates convenience but also upholds the standards of cleanliness.

Moreover, the lid is tightly sealed, making it a champ at containing undesirable odors, ensuring your place maintains its freshness and purity. So you can now bid goodbye to those unwelcome smells.

But Qatar MCC’s 12 liter stainless steel bin is more than just a practical utility; it introduces a contemporary and stylish element to your interior, blending seamlessly with your individual style.

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Capacity: 12 liters
  • Features: Pedal mechanism, tightly sealed lid
  • Color: Silver

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