50 ltr plastic garbage bin

50 Ltr Public Area Plastic Waste Bin

Keep Your Environment Clean and Green with Our Top-notch Plastic Bin

Qatar MCC’s 50-litre Indoor Plastic Garbage Bin is an ideal solution for efficient waste management in any space. Everyone from shops to restaurants can benefit from this prime garbage bin. It’s designed to handle paper and plastic waste, excelling at cleanliness and hygiene in places that don’t need food.

For its size, it can handle a lot of trash, making it a good pick for heavy-traffic areas. Being assembled from resilient and sturdy plastic, it can easily bear the rough and tough air of public places. That being said, you can rely on it to do the job no matter what the weather or the situation is.

Quick and easy waste disposal is possible with wide openings and user-friendly elements. Both cleaning and maintenance are no problem either since the materials used are durable and cleaned with ease. With all of this in mind, frequent upkeep isn’t needed as much.

Public spaces are no stranger to vandalism or tampering. They’re designed to resist such things to keep functionality intact in non-food-related areas. Suppose you want a garbage bin that excels at getting rid of waste efficiently. In that case, the Qatar MCC’s small indoor public waste bin is the way to go.

  • Material: Plastic 
  • Sizes: 50 liter
  • Features: wide opening for easy trash disposal
  • Colour: Grey

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