80 LTR Green Plastic Kitchen Trash Bin

80 LTR Green Plastic Waste Bin with Lid and Pedal

One Plastic Bin to Keep Your Environment Clean and Green

Let’s talk bins – they might not be the most exciting topic, but when they’re full or stinky materials, they become pretty important. No one wants to cook in a smelly kitchen or work in a trashy environment right? That’s where Qatar MCC comes to the rescue.

Qatar MCC brings you an 80-liter green plastic trash bin with a foot pedal that makes waste disposal easy and efficient. No need to touch it – simply use the foot pedal for hands-free convenience. And with its spacious 80-liter capacity, you won’t have to empty the bin as often.

What’s cool about this bin is the lid. It’s not just a regular lid; it’s a soft-closing lid. It closes gently but it’s pretty tightly sealed, so no more bad smells escaping.

This outdoor trash bin is built tough, using high-quality materials for lasting strength and durability. It’s resistant to all weather conditions, and damage. So forget cracks and leakage. This bin is going to last you years

  • Capacity: 80 Liters
  • Features: Foot pedal for easy lid operation
  • Color: Green
  •  Material: Strong and durable plastic
  • Ideal for: Indoor and outdoor areas
  • Shape: Rectangular

It’s all about making your waste management a whole lot simpler. You can order your green plastic trash bin with a foot pedal today or get in touch with Qatar MCC using the form below. It’s time to make your waste disposal and management simpler and cleaner.