30 LTR Grey Plastic Kitchen Trash bin

30 LTR Grey Plastic Trash Bin With Foot Pedal

Say Bye to Stinky Kitchen Smell

We only realize how important kitchen bins are either when they’re full or they start to stink. Both are terrible situations and pollute your kitchen’s environment. Can anybody cook like this? We’re hearing a big no. 

Qatar MCC is presenting a plastic kitchen trash bin to ensure you never get into these awful situations. With a volume of 30 liters, this kitchen bin provides plenty of room while occupying little space. Plus, its modern and sleek design complements a wide range of home decor styles.

This kitchen bin has a soft lid that closes slowly and quietly. The lid’s strong seal avoids residual smells, leaving your kitchen free from a stinky environment.

The bin can be opened by stepping on the pedal to swiftly dispose of rubbish without touching the bin. Tuck the garbage bag’s ends into the rear hole of the disposable inner bucket to keep it in place.

A reliable plastic kitchen trash bin, grey and modest, hides the secrets of numerous kitchen experiences in the center of a busy kitchen. From breakfast breadcrumbs to dinner leftovers, it remains silently prepared for use always, dependable, ensuring that the kitchen remains clean and your kitchen adventures go uninterrupted.

  • Capacity: 30 Ltr
  • Features: Foot pedal with lid
  • Color: Grey
  • Material: Strong, durable plastic
  • Room type: Kitchen
  • Shape: Rectangular

Don’t pass an opportunity in your neighborhood to adopt a more effective and sustainable trash management solution. You may order your plastic kitchen trash bin today or contact Qatar MCC by completing the form below.