21 ltr Plastic Sanitary Bin

Plastic Sanitary Bin W/Pedal (21 Ltr)

 Stay hygienic with Qatar MCC’s  21 ltr Plastic Sanitary Bin featuring a pedal for easy and hands-free waste disposal. Keep your space clean and tidy.

  • The bin is equipped with a lid that tightly seals, effectively containing odors and maintaining a fresh and clean environment.
  • The smooth plastic surface of the sanitary bin makes it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring optimal hygiene standards.
  • Its lightweight construction allows for easy portability, making it convenient to move the bin as needed.
  • The sanitary bin’s compact size ensures it can fit discreetly in various spaces, making it suitable for bathrooms, restrooms, and other areas.
  • While primarily designed for sanitary waste disposal, the plastic bin with a pedal can also be used for disposing of general waste in environments where hands-free operation is preferred for added hygiene.