1100 LTR Yellow Plastic Garbage Bin

1100 LTR Yellow Plastic Garbage Bin With Wheels And Flat Lid

Your Partner in Efficient Industrial and Residential Trash Collection

When it comes to efficient waste collection and disposal, this Plastic Garbage Bin W/4 Wheels & Flat Lid is the answer. Whether you’re in an industrial facility or a residential community, this bin is designed to meet your waste management needs. 

Its durable construction, high-quality materials, and 4 large wheels ensure it can handle heavy use and frequent transportation. A slight push is all you need to move it, no matter how full the bin is. 

Featuring a generous 1100-liter capacity, this bin minimizes the need for constant emptying, saving you time and effort. The flat lid not only keeps odors inside but also ensures your waste stays securely contained. Now neither your streets will stink nor the trash will make them look unpleasant.

  1. Yellow Color Plastic Garbage Bin with 4 Wheels
  2. Durable Construction with High-Quality Materials
  3. 4 Large Wheels for Easy Mobility
  4. Flat Lid for Odor Control
  5. Generous 1100-Liter Capacity

Make your outdoors clean in the easiest way possible with this garbage trolley bin. Contact Qatar MCC using the form below to get your trolley bin delivered or drop in your queries. We’ll get back to you immediately.