1100 LTR Green Plastic Garbage Bin W/ 4 Wheels

1100 ltr green plastic garbage trolley with flat lid

A perfect solution to your waste problems

Hey, Zaina, why are you not attending the party today? I was feeling so bored. Are you listening to me? Are you alright? Why you’re looking so worried”

Ahh! Laura i wanted to remove this pity from outside, it looks so dirty and ruined the outlook of my home. It became the habitat of pests.

Oh, I felt that Zaina, I faced the same situation. I tried many bins but these small bins with overflowing trash, low-quality plastic trash cans without wheels or some with flimsy wheels flushed a lot of my money. Bin without lid made worse impact on passersby with irritating odor and unpleasant sight. 

It was a time when we both were worried and couldn’t focus on anything except to resolve our headache. And finally, we caught the magical beans.We found an amazing municipal-approved garbage trolley. A trolley that changed our lives from hassle to smoothness.

This 1100-litre 4 Wheeled Plastic Garbage Bin is municipally approved and meets the best standard that everyone would want in their life. It’s simple unique design offers a huge capacity to manage tons of waste and you can empty once in a week. Its powerful wheels make our lives more smooth and effortless in rough ways.

I wish we had found it a long time ago.I wish everyone would buy it and make their life easier.

  • Durable high-quality HDPE plastic protects from damage, breakage and decay
  • Municipally approved bin with flat lid please you and the community. It protects from pests and animals attack  
  • Green color garbage bin shows your commitment to cleanliness and compatible with your outdoors
  • Gliding lid with sturdy wheels mobile your life and saves your time

Do you want clean, hygiene and happy future? Get in touch with Qatar MCC by completing the quick form below and manage your waste efficiently.