1100 ltr red plastic garbage bin

1100 LTR Red Plastic Garbage Trolley with Dome Lid

Effortless waste management at your fingertips

Would you like to visit a place with unpleasant odor, overflowing bins and scattered trash everywhere? 

Would you like your surroundings and your palace to be like that? Unhygienic, dirty and smelly? 

Ofcourse not. No one wants that. We all love and ador a clean space. But to get that we need to take one crucial step – getting hold on Qatar MCC’s 1100 liter mobile garbage bin. 

You can use this bin for commercial, industrial, domestic and clinical purposes whether someone is an employee or business owner, it provides all services under one roof.

1100 litre mobile garbage bin makes my life easy and smooth. Walk with your head up as this red color with a clean and green environment will make your life clean and colorful.

A high-quality plastic bin with 1100 capacity helps to dispose tons of waste without any hustle.

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  • Durable material to withstand a test of times
  • Powerful 4 wheels give smooth mobility in rough pathways 
  • Dome shaped sliding lid makes the sight more pleasant to protect from spill
  • HDPE plastic makes it resistant to decay, damage and corrosion  

Let our 1100 mobile garbage bin become a part of your own story of change. Shape your clean and hygienic future by managing mountains of waste. 

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