1100 ltr blue plastic garbage bin

1100 LTR Blue Plastic Waste Bin with Dome Lid and Wheels

Manage Your Waste Before It Drags Your Life

Don’t ruin your legacy as a community, housekeeper and employee in a hospital or industry. You (Human) born with hygiene. Cleanliness is in your core and nature is the queen of your world. Without this, you’ll feel dead inside.

Imagine a place where you have ever dreamed of living with an efficient waste disposal system. A place where with no littered streets, and no garbage falling out everywhere.Where you live your life in a beautifully adorned home with a blue color bin that gives classy look to your outdoor decore.

How ugly it would be when your site area, city or home entrance is littered with garbage? Don’t give a bad impression to others and try our Plastic Garbage Bin W/4 Wheels & Dome Lid (1100 Ltr, Blue).

A bin made with injection moulding technique and designed from HDPE plastic that runs last long.It’s just not a purchase it’s a testament that you care about where you live. 

  • Sustainable 4 wheelsmake it easy to move in thick and thin
  • 1100 ltr capacity meet the demands of both household and businesses
  • Large mobile waste trolley with a sliding lid dome keeps irritating odor but also avoids the entrance of critters
  • Manageable waste makes you a responsible eco-friendly human
  • High-quality plastic increases the life of the bin and bears harsh weather conditions

Your today’s actions will make your future clean and green. So contact us by fill out this form and let’s join our hands to create a big impact towards our environment’s sustainability.