360 ltr blue plastic garbage bin

360 LTR Blue Wheeled Plastic Trash Bin With a Lid

A Step Towards Clean and Hygienic Environment

Whether it’s for your home, a shop, or any outdoor setting, a reliable outdoor wheeled plastic trash bin is a must. Qatar MCC provides the perfect solution with its 360-liter plastic garbage bin, complete with two wheels and a lid.

This versatile bin is designed to meet your waste disposal needs, no matter where you use it. It’s equally suitable for stores, shops, or outdoor areas near homes. With a spacious 360-liter storage capacity, it offers ample room for waste, minimizing the need for frequent emptying.

This garbage bin just does not provide spacious capacity, but it’s built for durability. Equipped with two large wheels, it’s effortless to move, making it a practical choice for outdoor use. 

But that’s not all. It’s tightly sealed lid keeps all the bad smells in so your environment doesn’t stink. 

  1. Blue Color Plastic Garbage Bin with 2 Wheels and Lid
  2. Notable Robustness and Long-lasting Construction
  3. Fitted with 2 Large Wheels for Effortless Mobility
  4. Odor Control Lid for Maintaining Hygienic Conditions
  5. Spacious 360-liter Storage Capacity

Looking for a reliable outdoor wheeled plastic trash bin? Contact us via the form below for more information or to get your 360-liter bin delivered at your door. Qatar MCC is here to assist you with your waste management needs.