3-In-1 Recycling Waste Bin W/Wheels & Pedal

120 ltr green 3-in-1 plastic recycling bin

Be a part of the solution not pollution

You don’t deserve a life where garbage bins kill your time and creativity, where segregating, dragging, disposing and recycling trash manually is a nightmare. Where a clean and green environment is not the top priority of folks. Where hygiene is the most underrated concept. 

You deserve a life where trash is segregated strategically and recycled trash is people’s top priority to live healthy and hygienic life in a clean environment. Where dragging a bin with good capacity is not a hassle. Where everything runs smoothly with large  3-in-1 recycling bins because no more hunting for multiple bins.

Our recycling bin with wheels offers 3 compartments to dispose paper, general waste and plastic. Its powerful wheels move your life and save your time. Your first step on pedal is your first step towards cleanliness. This green color represents your love for nature.   

  • Enjoy in a world of hygiene with free-hand disposal system 
  • 120ltr 3-in-1 plastic recycle bin assist in dumping large amount of waste without emptying daily
  • Its pedal with lid gives ease and fresh breeze that please your mood
  • 3 compartments with three uses but not multiple bins
  • Reliable strong wheels move your life quickly and making recycling a good-to-go approach
  • Durable plastic in an  affordable price, so not a gentle wind will blow it over

Invest one time and join hands in this eco-frienfdly movement to save the planet. 

To get your 3-in-1 recycling bin delivered or ask any questions, use the form below and let Qatar MCC assist you.