100 ltr plastic dust bin

100 ltr black plastic dust bin with foot pedal

Say Goodbye to Germs – A Way of Living Hygienic Life

Do you want to experience style, ease and cleanliness in one package? or do you want to give a striking edge to your office, kitchen and restroom corner with complete hygiene and satisfaction?

Your place is your heaven, keep trying to maintain it. Our Gitco plastic dustbin with its lid locks unpleasant odor and makes your environment charming and positive. This yellow-black color scheme adds a vibrant look to interior of your kitchen, home, office and any other place. 

Your health meets our commitment. Our plastic trash bin with foot pedal smooths your life with hands-free waste disposal system and 100-litre wide space helps to manage waste efficiently. Sturdy plastic with reliability protects to fall down and seamlessly enhances your place.

  • Durable plastic material that sustain your interior classy look
  • Sustainable approved HDPE material makes this a lifetime bin for you
  • 100-litre trash bin makes your life effortless,so not to empty your bin daily
  • A good quality product in an affordable price that manages your budget 
  • Pedal foot gives a step forward to your life from unhygienic environment

Style your hygiene with convenience. Bring your hand with our commitment for clean and green planet. 

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