50 ltr plastic dust bin With pedal

50 LTR Black and Yellow Plastic Dust Bin

Clean your home, style your hygiene

Say hi to spotless home and workplace. Black-yellow versatile bin with high-quality sliding lid edges enlight the corner of your home, thanks to our extra time and care that we put in construction process.

Don’t tire yourself by touching grimy bins or having health issues without proper hygiene while cooking. Our bin with pedal offers hand hand-free waste management system and gives sliding edges with shut and open mechanism. 

When you spend a lot to purchase something but its low-quality plastic breaks into parts in few weeks, we know this is the heart-wrenching part of life. Our 50-litre dust bin for home is made of HDPE-approved plastic that protects from any damage, corrosion and decay. That is the bin that you have ever wanted to run your life smoothly.

Convenience meets commitment, we believe bin is not a necessity it’s a commitment to clean our planet with spice of style.

  • Its compact design adds crisp to your kitchen, home and office space
  • Construct with injection moulding makes it highly durable
  • 50ltr Gitco plastic dust bin provide a generous space that can handle more waste than usual bins
  • High-quality sustainable plastic resists breakage in wear and tear
  • Its adorable yellow lid locks odor to make your surroundings more satisfying.

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