Road Sweeper Machines For Rent

Road Sweeper Rental In Qatar

Streets and roads are subject to pollution and littering which can not only cause problems for the moving traffic but is harmful to the environment as well. MCC has been offering road sweeping services in Qatar since 2008. We have had the privilege of dealing with multiple clients across different locations in the country.

Our road cleaning machines comprising mechanical sweepers, broom sweepers, vacuum sweepers, combination sweepers and regenerative air sweepers are utilized for cleaning dry areas to remove leaves, pebbles, dust, dry fertilizer, cement waste, coal, silica waste, garbage deposits, animal filth and other sorts of waste.

Our street sweeper machines are fine-tuned to clean commercial, government and public areas like ports, industrial zones, airports, highways, stadiums, stands, museums, railway stations, bus stands, zoo, public gardens, hospitals, amusement parks and residential colonies.

Businesses and customers can avail our road cleaning services through yearly or event-based contracts (cleaning the road after organizing different events).

Available Road Sweeper Machines

A road normally comprises a highway for motor traffic and footways for pedestrians. The footway is located at an elevated height and is separated by the highway through a kerb and channel. An effective road sweeper should clean both the highway and the footways.

MCC owns a massive range of advanced and well-maintained road cleaning machinesthat ensure effective road sweeping. Each of these road sweepers comes with its operator and is designated for different tasks.

  1. Mechanical Sweeper: This road sweeper machineutilizes a combination of brushes and suction to efficiently clears debris from roads, sidewalks, and various surfaces. Recognized for their robustness, these sweepers excel at heavy-duty cleaning tasks and are specifically designed to be larger and more powerful than alternative road sweeping options.
  2. Regenerative Air Sweeper: This street sweeper machine uses high-pressure air to drive debris into a designated hopper for quick collection. This sweeping solution is excellent at removing gravel, sand, and other tough waste, making it ideal for extensive cleaning operations like airport runways.
  3. Broom Sweeper: It employs rotating brushes to adeptly sweep debris into a conveniently located hopper for effortless collection. Ideal in terms of maneuverability, these road sweepers are particularly effective for lighter cleaning duties and are designed to be compact and agile.
  4. Vacuum Sweeper: With the use of strong suction, vacuum sweepers remove debris from sidewalks and roads with ease. This kind of road sweeper excels at offering a quiet and environmentally friendly cleaning experience since it is specifically designed for catching small particulate matter, like dust.
  5. Combination Sweeper: This road sweeper combines the advantages of several sweeping methods to provide an all-inclusive cleaning solution. They are flexible and adaptable for a variety of cleaning jobs and are simple to adjust to different cleaning needs.

The choice of a suitable road sweeper machine will depend on the nature of your cleaning tasks and the type of debris that needs to be removed.

What Decides Our Road Sweeper Rental Charges?

The rental charges for our road and street sweeping services will vary depending on the following factors:

  1. Type of Sweeper: The price will changedepending on the type of road sweeper you need. For instance, renting a mechanical sweeper often costs more than renting a broom sweeper.
  2. Rental time Length: The length of the rental time will increase or decrease the rental fee. If you rent the road sweeper for a long time, it will result in a lower daily fee, whereas if you decide on a short rental duration, the daily rate will be higher.
  3. Location: The third factor is geographical location. Urban areas tend to have higher rental rates due to increased demand, while rates in rural areas are typically lower.

MCC is one of the leading road cleaning companies in Qatar due to their cutting-edge vehicles, affordable rates and cordial customer service. Look at some of the sample photos of our road sweeper machines below.