50 LTR Green Plastic Kitchen Trash Bin

50 LTR Green Plastic Trash Can with Foot Pedal

Make Your Environment Clean with Our Green Trash Bin

Have you ever had a ‘trashy’ moment where you’re handling a fistful of waste and longing for an additional hand to open the bin? So you’re in luck, we have got your back.

Qatar MCC can provide you with a trash can that will cure all of your trashy issues. This trash bin can carry up to 50 liters of rubbish, making it ideal for bustling spaces high-traffic areas

It’s also built to withstand whatever you throw into it. This trash can has the ability to make the home atmosphere healthier, fresher, and cleaner. It reduces the odors because it is tightly sealed with a strong lid and has an easy-to-use foot pedal. The pedal structure and lid are both hygienic and convenient, ensuring you don’t have to touch anything to use the bin.

This trash can is made of the highest quality plastic. It assures long life even under the harshest conditions. With its smooth plastic surface, cleaning is a snap. Simply wipe it down, and it’s as good as new.

Even when completely loaded, the streamlined design allows for simple tilting and rolling.

  • Capacity: 50 liters
  •  Material: Plastic
  • Color: Green
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Finish type: Smooth finish
  • Special feature: Foot pedal with lid

Environmental protection begins with you and me. So don’t pass up the opportunity to grab your trash can. If you want to keep your environment clean, grab your trash can right now or fill out the form below to contact Qatar MCC. We’ll take both your orders and your questions.