Our Services includes :


Waste Collection and Disposal Services
Domestic Waste Management Service

Garbage trucks such as the compactors are used to collect Household and Domestic Waste generated in private residences Including Labor Camps and small premises offering food and drink. The waste is stored in 120Ltr, 240Ltr, 1100Ltr, 5m3, 7m3, 11m3, and 20m3 containers which are emptied on waste disposal site. Some of the containers are shown below:








Commercial / Industrial Waste Collection and Disposal Services

MCC describes these wastes as waste other than Household and Domestic Waste which cannot be compacted due to its solid state, like metals, building materials, excavation wastes and building demolition wastes.

MCC is actively engaged in providing services to business, commercial and industrial premises in Doha. Also our services are expanding to areas outside Doha, as in Al-Khor.

Where there is restricted access the small size 7m3 and 11m3 containers are used and are emptied by using a skip vehicle; single skip loader and a double skip loader, and a hook lift, which transports the container to the waste
disposal area and then returns it to site.

MCC offers vehicle rentals on a daily, monthly or contract basis adarshmpqatardepending on our customer’s needs with an affordable and negotiable prize.




Garden Waste Management Services

Clients of the scheme are usually supplied with a 240 liter green wheelie bin which is collected and emptied of garden waste every fortnight (or as and when required). The waste is then sent to a composting facility where it is recycled into an organic fertilizer. The self composting facilities are arranged by MCC for clients. Along with this, the garden waste is easily disposed by storing it in small containers ranging from 1.5m3 to 2m3 and collected by a mini-skip carrying vehicle. In case of large gardening activity, the larger containers can be provided





Slaughterhouse and Dead Animal Waste Management Services

This type of waste is collected in waterproof and stainless steel containers and cannot be mixed with other wastes. The waste is disposed off under strict Government regulations. Carcasses of dead animals of any size can be collected on request. These services need special procedures for handling, collection and disposal of the waste and are always met by MCC’s high standards. Our professional team also ensures that the waste site be odourless, after the cleaning activity is carried out, to provide minimum nuisance to the surroundings or neighborhood.



Supplier of Waste Containers:
Supply & Rental of Garbage Skip Loader, Compactor & Hook Lift









Fabrication of Metal Containers

MCC offers a high quality fabricated various sizes of metal containers (skips) that meet customer’s special needs. Modern Cleaning & Trading Company operates a modern maintenance and fabrication workshop with experienced specialists supported by up to date technology.










fabrication2 fabrication1























All containers of varying sizes made from non-metal materials are also available to meet customer requirements. All containers comply with international standards like European Standard EN 840-1. Samples of the Non-Plastic and Plastic containers are shown below:









Other Services Offered:

We expand our services by supplying improved shipping containers for accommodation, based with our active communications with our customer’s needs.  These environmentally friendly containers can therefore be fully recycled once they can no longer be used. Moreover, they combine many additional advantages: steel-floored containers are lighter, longer-lasting and more hygienic.




Committed to strong social responsibility by providing ECO Friendly Solution. Product made by recycling materials like barrel, drums and tires. Allowing the efficiency of product to utilize as per your demand in any way which are useful in our daily routine. Design, fabricated and colored to make Eco friendly in your house,garden and kitchen attractive looks.

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Pest Control Services

The services include daily, weekly, or monthly and on-call services to client’s facilities. However, all the work will be carried out to meet the satisfaction of the client’s representative and further necessary changes are made to meet the project requirements. Along with this, MCC will ensure that;

  • To provide the necessary services to safeguard health and property by effective control of all pests, including ants, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, rodents, termites, snakes etc.
  • Identifying particular problems, prescribing the correct treatments and applying that treatment in a safe effective manner.
  • Particular attention must be given to TERMITE control and the Modern Cleaning Company shall undertake fumigation or appropriate treatment required.
  • The Modern Cleaning Company shall spray the entire compound along with the associated buildings once a month and will also answer any call from the college concerning any infested location within the month for re-spraying the areas at no-extra cost.

It is always ensured that the pest control staff is well trained and has the experiences and good idea about the chemicals and their MSDS. MCC always prefer to provide chemicals and services that are non-hazardous and environmental friendly. The fast and reliable services with flexible scheduling to suit your needs are arranged by MCC.

Housekeeping and Janitorial services
a. Indoor or Outdoor Services

clo1Qualified and Competent staff upon site briefing is deployed under the direct supervision of supervisory staff. The necessary cleaning activities are undertaken with the use of appropriate cleaning equipments and materials conforming to the quality standards and health and safety at work practice standards. Cleaning services identified in the scope of work will be executed to meet and far exceed the desired standards.

The execution of the work is done in accordance with the procedures mentioned in the Standard Operating Procedure manual and checklists for various cleaning, janitorial and housekeeping activities. However not limiting to its scope, we will strive to incorporate new and better methods applied in the industry from time to time.

The housekeeping and janitorial services by MCC are provided for all areas within the fencing of the designated facilities. However, all the work will be carried out to meet the satisfaction of the client and further necessary changes will be made to meet the requirements. Along with this, we ensure that:

  • Cleaning activities are as per requirements and high standards;
  • We always provide highly skilled, trained and experienced manpower, transportation services and necessary equipment;
  • The service can be ensured to be available for specified time for 365 days a year;
  • All the schedules will be provided prior (7 days) to client’s Representative.


High quality and attention to detail on the following services:

  • Deep cleaning;
  • Final construction cleans;
  • Window washing;
  • Power washing;
  • Carpet cleaning (trunk mount system);
  • Strip & Wax;
  • Trash-out;
  • Building maintenance;
  • Showcasing

Our per visit service includes vacuuming, dusting, mopping, removing smudges and fingerprints from doors, door frames, detailing tracks, light switch plates and walls. It also includes cleaning and sanitizing the restroom fixtures, mirrors, chrome, sinks and counters.  We will empty trash receptacles and replace liners, refill soap, paper towel and toilet paper dispensers. In some of our accounts we stretch maintenance to the label of replacement and repair. We also offer truck-mounted carpet cleaning as well as window cleaning services. Service available as you require: daily, weekly, monthly or one-time.

We are one of the prominent organizations engaged in providing excellent Glass / Facade Cleaning Services. As the glass requires special handling and is protected from being scratched we make use of latest cleaning tools. Our highly trained professionals ensure that wiping and sponging is carried out in an appropriate manner for providing best cleaning solution. These services are widely used by showrooms, malls, hotels, apparel and corporate houses, cinema halls, educational and cultural institution. Moreover, we also have expertise to provide services as per the requirements of our clients.


b.Hospital / Health Care Unit Housekeeping & Janitorial Services

A highly specialized service which can only be executed by fully trained staff. Waste is stored in special containers and in some cases can only be handled by medical staff. Once contained it is transported by a special air-conditioned vehicle to a site approved by the Ministry of Environment where it is disposed of under a very strictly monitored process.

The Modern Cleaning Company carries out the works in strict accordance with the specifications of the Contract and to the entire satisfaction of the healthcare unit representative. Generally, the areas which are covered include inter alia, all toilets on all floors, all common corridors, service areas, staircases, lifts, lift lobbies, Operating Theatre, Patient Wards, ICUs, Clinics, Therapy Areas, concourses, paved areas around the Buildings, car park including driveways, plant rooms, offices, court yards etc. of healthcare unit. The linen management system and respective services are also provided to have clean and hygienic environment for the patients and visitors.