MODERN CLEANING & TRADING COMPANY (MCC) was registered on 10th November 2008 under its Commercial Registration Number 40845 and is a partnership between Mr. Ahmed Mohd A Al-Abduljabbar & General Manager Mr. Kinan Al Sayed Ahmad, and Deputy General Manager Mr. Mohannad Al Sayed Ahmed (U.S. National).


  • Modern Cleaning & Trading Company (MCC) is fully aware of the adverse global impact on the environment created by the indiscriminate discarding of waste materials by institutions and individuals. To help overcome his situation, particularly in Qatar, MCC has put together a team of professionals with over 40 years experience in Cleaning, Housekeeping and Waste Management.
  • Modern Cleaning & Trading Company (MCC) offers a comprehensive range of services outlined in the ensuing pages, and which are relative to both the Public and Private Sectors.
  • Modern Cleaning & Trading Company (MCC) is a leading provider of comprehensive waste and environmental services in Qatar. The company is strongly committed to operating a centre of excellence and professionalism.
  • Headquartered in Doha, MCC offers a full range of environmental services to residential, Industrial, municipal and commercial customers.
  • Modern Cleaning & Trading Company (MCC) tailors its services to meet the needs of each customer groups to ensure consistent, superior service at local level.
  • Modern Cleaning & Trading Company (MCC) take cares of all your garbage problems including collection and transportation to the final disposal site.
  • Modern Cleaning & Trading Company (MCC) rents and sells containers to construction sites and also provides waste collection services to industrial and construction facilities on a contractual basis with the terms generally ranging from a single pick-up to one year or longer.
  • Modern Cleaning & Trading Company (MCC) collects the containers or compacted wastes and transports it to a landfill station for disposal.
  • Modern Cleaning & Trading Company (MCC) offers storage bins, clearance of derelict areas, residential buildings, commercial properties, backyards, construction and demolition sites, recovery, large items, green waste and waste industrial products